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2730 Iris Street, Unit 1
Availability:January 1st, 2017

About This Property

  • Located just South of HWY 417.
  • Fantastic exposure to Ikea and Sears Home.
  • Join, Supervacs, Wine Kitz, Nick’s Barber, Listen Up, Aqua Sport, Big Rig Brewery and more.
  • Ample parking.


Additional Rent Includes:Water, Snow Removal, Building Insurance, Management, M & R, Property Tax, Garbage

Unit Specs
  • HVAC (Tons)

    Forced Heat and Air Conditioning (3 TON)

  • Electrical

    100 AMP 120/208 VOLT 3 PHASE

  • Gas

    1" & 1/4"

  • Water

    3/4" cold domestic water line.

  • Clear Ceiling Height

    Approximately 10'

  • Washrooms

    1 Single Washroom

  • Signage

    Tenant may use sign box located above leased premises and use of pylon sign at charge tbd.

  • Zoning

    General Mixed Use Zone GM15 F(1.0)

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